Stacy Adams Men's Dickinson Cap-Toe Lace-up Oxford

$53.99 - $145.62

- 100% Leather
- Imported
- Non-Leather sole
- CLASSIC STYLE: Cap-toe oxford featuring burnished brogue perforated trims and blind-eyelet lacing
- COMFORT: Fully cushioned memory foam insole for superior padded cushy comfort and shock absorption
- DURABILITY: Lightweight construction with extended durability with breathable linings
- QUALITY SOLE: Flexible contrasting outsole with stitch detailing on low stacked heel
- PERFECT FIT: Fit tip - If in between two sizes go for larger size

Customer Reviews

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Seriusly could not have done better in person

I got drunk and bought these shoes in the middle of the night and forgot about it until they arrived. I don't think I can think the fit, style, price, or overall quality could have been any better all things considered. Some times drunk me makes great decisions. .. sometimes.

From zero to hero- in cognac

I was once just a paper-pushing cubicle peon. One day I decided enough was enough and I ordered these shoes. The first day I put these babies on, I was promoted to Vice President and my salary jumped 400%. Now, when I set foot outside my gold-clad doors of my penthouse office, I have to carry a stick just to keep the women from throwing themselves at me.My only complaint is I wish these shoes came with a waterproof coating because of all the juices that get flowing around these shiny foot demons.

Poor quality bottom

This is a beautiful shoe, it fits perfect. However the bottom seem to be made of poor quality rubber. I've had the shoe for less than 6 months, I only wear it to work once in a while. Now I see that the rubber that's on the heel started lifting at the corner, just this morning piece of the rubber just broke off. See pictures.

Ridiculously thin soles!

These shoe look great. Very stylish, and will garner compliments. The fit is fine after a short break in period. Not wonderfully comfortable, nor terribly uncomfortable. The down side - I simply can't believe how THIN the soles are on these shoes. Not much more than cardboard. You can almost poke your finger through them. If you live in a cold weather state, forget wearing these in the winter. Just in the couple of minutes it took me to pump gas at the gas station my feet froze. I may as well have been standing on the cold cement in my socks. I'll be putting them up in my closet until spring; these are not something you want to wear in the winter. I don't expect them to last long at all.If you are looking for a pair of inexpensive shoes to wear infrequently on special occasions, these look really great and would probably be fine. If you are looking for a pair of shoes for daily wear like I am, stay away from these. I almost feel 3 stars is being generous, but that is only for their appearance.

Wedding shoes

First of all these shoes look great. I actually bought them to wear for my wedding, and they did the job admirably--I was on my feet for many hours and not a hint of soreness that day, or the day after. The bad news is I don't feel like they 'age' well. After wearing for a couple of hours there were noticeable creases, which I suppose is to be expected, but if you imagine a crease line across the toe line the shoes just don't have the same allure, right? Also, these shoes ran a little large; usually I wear 13s b/c my foot is about a 12.5, but 12s were the better fit in this case. Overall I'm quite pleased with these.

Great shoe, as long as the heel doesn't fall apart, arrived damaged.

The shoe is beautiful BUT the one I received already had damage on the heel (pic enclosed). It looks and feels decent quality, I just hope that the heel lasts and doesn't fall apart. But in the mall these shoes look better than many selling for much higher price. The shoe is also comfortable, it has a memory foam bottom.

Love these shoes

I love these shoes. They are by far the best looking, most comfortable, longest-lasting shoes at this price range on Amazon.They do require some breaking in. Fresh out of the box, the opening is very rigid, and you need to loosen the shoelaces quite a bit to somehow jam your foot in. I also recommend flexing the area around the heel and sides of the opening for a few minutes before putting the shoe on; the rigidity of the material caused pretty serious blisters for me the first time; second time I did this and it's been super comfy from day one.These shoes looked really good for 6 solid months of wear 3-4 days per week. The leather wears well; even with noticible wear and tear, the leather aged nicely. Scrapes, nicks, and dings don't look awful; they just add character, like a baseball glove.I replaced the shoelaces after 3-4 months. Around the same time, the rubber heel started peeling back, but nothing that can't be fixed with some superglue. Around month 7, I started noticing the support was starting to reach its critical point, which is when I decided to replace them. For the price point, replacing shoes every 6-8 months is a very good deal.

Nice style, questionable materials/quality

You get what you pay for. The color and style are both great. They match well with just slacks or with a suit. The burgundy color works well with lots of fabrics, like light and dark gray suits as well as navy. I think it looks better than other "tan" shoes, which are a lighter color. I wore them brand new to a wedding and was surprised by how many compliments (men and women) I received for these shoes.The not so great thing about them is the quality of the materials. After just a few wears you can really start to see the "leather" start to wrinkle in the creases. I feel that after a few months, I'll be able to just scratch the material off with my fingernail.Verdict: It's a good looking shoe made with decent quality for the price, but if you need something longer lasting, you should look elsewhere.